Sam and Dave Podcast #10: Senior CS Project, a Debate on Execution, and More!

In this episode of the Sam and dave podcast we shortly get into what our Senior CS project will be, Sam’s fanaticism for Iot (Internet of Things) gadgets, We talk about Trump wanting to fire the Special Investigation Lead Robert Mueller, The crimes committed by former medical doctor Larry Nesser and that turns into a debate on whether or not Lethal injection is a rational road to be taking with our judicial system.

Sam and Dave Podcast #9: New year’s update, Authoritarianism, and plenty more Cheeto Benito.

On this episode of the Sam and Dave podcast we talk about what’s happened over new year’s break, what makes authoritarians so awful, something about planes not falling out of the sky (hooray) and then we talk for some amount of time about stuff that Sam forgot to write down for the description.