Sam and Dave Podcast #11: Falcon Heavy, Peterson Interview, Wage Gap, Military Parade

On this episode of Sam and Dave podcast, we get to a wide variety of topics including the recent SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch, an interview with Jordan Peterson, the wage gap, and honesty a lot of other stuff we forgot to write down.

Sam and Dave Podcast #10: Senior CS Project, a Debate on Execution, and More!

In this episode of the Sam and dave podcast we shortly get into what our Senior CS project will be, Sam’s fanaticism for Iot (Internet of Things) gadgets, We talk about Trump wanting to fire the Special Investigation Lead Robert Mueller, The crimes committed by former medical doctor Larry Nesser and that turns into a debate on whether or not Lethal injection is a rational road to be taking with our judicial system.

Sam and Dave Podcast #9: New year’s update, Authoritarianism, and plenty more Cheeto Benito.

On this episode of the Sam and Dave podcast we talk about what’s happened over new year’s break, what makes authoritarians so awful, something about planes not falling out of the sky (hooray) and then we talk for some amount of time about stuff that Sam forgot to write down for the description.

Sam and Dave Podcast #8: Mueller, A Stickup, Tesla Truck, Google’s AutoML

On this of the ever-so-riveting Sam and Dave Podcast we talk about an appearance a gun made at our house, The new and forming stories about Robert Mueller and his special counsel investigation into wrongdoing by Trump and his campaign, Tesla’s new truck things that seem fantastic on paper (really hoping they deliver, pun intended), and some about Google’s neural network that optimizes neural networks as well as nVidia’s Cuda and why processing moves faster when it’s parallelizable and put on a processor with lots of small cores.

Sam and Dave Podcast #7: Irma, DACA and controversy about the meaning of truth

On this episode of the Sam and Dave podcast we talk about the incoming mega-hurricane Irma and the implications global warming might have on the creation of these types of storms, the recent rescinding of DACA which gave a pathway to citizenship to dreamers, and thoughts aired on the joe rogan podcast related to sam harris’s podcast with jordan peterson.

Sam and Dave Podcast #4 : More Trump, Personality Typing, Cosmological Natural Selection

Today on the fourth installment of the Sam and Dave podcast we talked about the recent comments by the president of the united states on the protests and violence in Charlotteville, personality types and our own personal infatuation with the myers-briggs and how we see it as descriptive of ourselves, and how the universe evolved. Longest podcast yet, no real surprise given the depth of some of these conversations and just how topics we traversed.